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"Dear Staff

My family and I would like to thank you for your patience and kindness given to me this past year. It is greatly appreciated."


"Dear Dr. Holly and Staff,

I just want to thank all of you for your kindness to me. I so appreciate competent and thoughtful people. God bless all of you.


"Dr. Prendiville

My wife and I have been your patients dating back from the days of patronizing Pierre's French Restaurant and the good times at the Annua Christmas Parties there. We continue to be very fond of you and your "Excellent Staff" and particularly Dawn Campbell. She's been polite, helpful and made our visits pleasant and stress free eveyr time"


"Dr. Prendiville

Thank you for your help. Your technician worked long and hard to give me glasses that would help me see and read. He has both great skill and great patience. Though I had to wait eight weeks to get the lasses (not plastic) with photogrey, they sure help as long as the print is large enough. I can read with my left eye which has the greatest macular damage. At his suggetion, I also had a pair of plastics made in yellow. They do a great job of picking up the light however if I get too much light or sunlight I tend to develop headaches.

I just wanted to give Basil the credit that was due for his skill and patience, and to thank him and you also."


"Dear Jennifer

Thank you so much for all your assistance and the time you spent helping me resolve the billing issue with my insurance. I really appreciate your help and patience."


"Dear Lauren

I want to thank you for your help - for the extra love you put into everythink you do!"


"For six years I have been a patient at South Coast Eye Care Center under the care of Dr. Paul Prendiville. I am now also under the care of Dr. James Brinkley.

I have always been impressed with the efficiency and kindness of the well-trained staff including the front desk, technicians, and nurses.

Recently I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and it has been necessary for me to be in the office frequently. The staff continues it's good work. Both Dr. Prendiville and Dr. Brinkley have impressed me with information and treatment options which are helping my condition beyond my expectations.

I wanted to express my thanks and let you know what a wonderful job everyone is doing!"


"Linda – Thank you for the most professional and friendly service you have given me. I so appreciate your "listening skills", patience and the encouragement, and the time you spent helping me."


"Dear Ms. Levin (Office Manager): I am writing this letter to compliment you and your staff on the very professional, courteous, and efficient way in which they conduct themselves. I have been a patient of Dr. Brinkley's for over a year and on each visit I have been seen on time, treated respectfully, and been provided quality care. I am no youngster and have been involved in the healthcare industry all of my professional career so I know whereof I speak. Please continue to practice the same level of quality, care and pride . . . in this day and age it is truly appreciated."

S.B., Consultant, Huntington Beach

"Dear Dr. Prendiville - I am writing to thank you for the excellent experience I had during my eye appointment last Tuesday. First Cathy, who has been extremely helpful and gracious in the past, once again took care of the first part of my exam. She is outstanding in every way... knowledge and thorough with amazing attention to detail. Most importantly, her people skills are impeccable which as you know can make all the difference in a patient’s care and ultimately, is nurturing to one’s health and over-all sense of well being. She is to be commended for she is a gem!

Next, I met you for the first time and needless to say, was very impressed. Having done my share of doctoring over the years, it is always a pleasure to meet and have the care and advice of all that one hopes a doctor can be. You came across as such a doctor. Bravo!

Finally, I then met with Clarence to fill my prescription. Having had his attention before, I knew that he would be professional and most gracious. Indeed, this was the case. Along with speaking to Clarence, I was also able to talk to Joshua. He is also to be highly commended for his expertise and additional help. He has always given me the best of care and service."

C.M., School Administrator, Costa Mesa

“Recently I had cataract surgery at South Coast Medical Center. It was very successfully performed by Dr. Holly Spanggord, who is associated with South Coast Eye Care Center. In just a little over one week, my sight in that eye has improved to 20/25. I couldn’t be happier with the results of the surgery and am quite pleased with Dr. Spanggord’s expertise. I am having the other eye done in October and Dr. Spanggord will certainly be my surgeon.”

L.W.M., Retired, Laguna Niguel

“I had an excellent experience when I recently made an appointment with specialist Dr. James R. Brinkley, Jr. for an eye exam and from the very beginning I was made to feel comfortable and at ease by his staff. Dr. Brinkley examined my eyes and explained in detail that I required laser iridotomy and it needed to be taken care of to prevent a glaucoma emergency. From my very first visit, I had complete confidence in his ability. My following weekly appointments were on time. Dr. Brinkley, always professional, performed the laser iridotomy in both eyes, and I am happy to say each procedure was successful the first time. Dr. Brinkley is a credit to Monarch HealthCare and to the medical profession and I recommend him highly.

M.L., Retired, Laguna Woods

"Dear Dr. Prendiville - I just wanted to let you know how excited I was when I went to your Laguna Hills office to pick up my new glasses. To my amazement this was the first time the trifocals were absolutely perfect in fifteen years. Clarence did an excellent job. I am oh so pleased with how I can see so much better. This truly made my Christmas a happy one. I thank the both of you."

P.G., Retired, San Clemente

"Thanks, Sam. You are so kind and understanding! This is home made fruit cake from an old German recipe."

J.S., Retired, San Juan Capistrano

"Dear Clarence: Thanks for all the patient assistance with my glasses; will put you in prayer every time I take them off. Arms around you on your journey!"

P.S., Retired, Laguna Hills

"Approximately two years ago, I underwent cataract surgery on my left eye by Dr. Paul Prendiville. The results were extremely successful.

On September 19, 2001, Dr. Prendiville preformed the same procedure on my right eye, the results of which again exceeded my expectations.

I would like to extend my most heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Dr. Prendiville for his professional expertise and caring attitude in both cases in what resulted in a miracle. I can see again.

My further thanks go out to the pre-op and post-op staff that participated on my behalf for their tender, loving, sympathetic services beyond the call of duty.

My friends now call me “The Bionic Man Who Sees All.” Here’s hoping the various other parts of my body that need repair could be attended to so easily."

C.R., Marketing Executive, Laguna Hills

"I'm very happy with the results of my Lasik treatment at South Coast Eye Centers. The procedure itself was the model of ease and professionalism. Dr. Prendiville could not have been more knowledgeable and caring. He even called me at home the evening of the surgery to make sure everything was fine. I thought that was pretty remarkable."

V.O., Computer Consultant

"Dr. Paul Prendiville has been providing me with excellent eye care since 1998. He has performed cataract surgeries on both of my eyes. I consider him to be professional, caring, and highly skilled. It is my pleasure to recommend him with my highest regard."

S.K., Retired, Laguna Niguel

"I first considered Lasik as an option to contact lenses years ago, and actually went on several information appointments. I knew there were tremendous benefits to Lasik, but I never felt comfortable enough to go through with it. A friend recommended I go see Dr. Paul Prendiville at South Coast - and was I impressed. He not only meticulously answered all my questions, he and his staff made the whole procedure, from beginning to end, a flawless experience. I'm glad I waited, and couldn't be happier with my new vision."

J.W., Salesman

"Several months ago, I was privileged to be attended by Dr. Paul Prendiville, who performed cataract surgery on my left eye. I couldn't have asked for a more professional, expert, and caring approach to the procedure than was offered by Dr. Prendiville and his staff. The surgery itself was performed adroitly and carefully; the recuperative aftermath went well. Please extend my most sincere appreciation to Dr. Prendiville for his expert service. It was indeed a pleasure."

C.R., Advertising Executive, Laguna Hills

"For many years I have had my eye exams, obtained glasses and have been fitted with contact lenses at South Coast Eye Care Centers. In fact, several years ago I even had eyelid surgery. Dr. Henrick removed excess baggy skin from my upper eyelids and the result improved my appearance tremendously, giving me a much more youthful look.

Naturally, when I considered having Laser Vision Correction last year, I turned to the doctors at South Coast Eye Care for advice. I was particularly concerned because I was farsighted and had required bifocals for several years. I know that Laser Vision Correction bad been primarily done for nearsighted people and that the procedures for farsighted individuals like myself were quite new. Dr. Brinkley discussed the pros and cons with me in detail and warned me that I would still probably need reading glasses after the procedure.

I was somewhat apprehensive about having surgery with this new technology but I need not have worried. Dr. Brinkley performed the surgery at the USC Laser Vision Center, one of the premier Laser Vision Correction Centers in the nation. The procedure on each eye was quick, easy and painless. I can now drive, do my work as a hairstylist, and even read regular sized print easily without glasses, although I do use a pair of inexpensive reading glasses for fine print. I am extremely pleased with my results and with the way I have always been treated by the physicians at South Coast Eye Care Centers. They are ethical, conservative and efficient -and the entire staff is friendly, courteous, and professional."

M.R. Hair Stylist, Laguna Niguel

"I am so pleased with my decision to have Facial Laser Skin Resurfacing and also my decision to have Dr. Henrick at South Coast Eye Care Center, perform my procedure. It has made a tremendous difference in my self-esteem. I feel great about how I look!"

N.S., Clinique Beauty Consultant, Mission Viejo

"In my line of work, I'm always thrilled when I can highly recommend a product or service. I underwent the Lasik procedure at South Coast Eye Centers and was extremely impressed. Dr. Paul Prendiville was completely buttoned up in all aspects and the equipment and environment were state of the art. My wife is considering Lasik and there's no doubt we'll be making our plans with Dr. Prendiville."

R.O., Businessman

"I have been a patient at South Coast Eye Care Centers for the past six years. Over the last 2 1/2 years, I have received periodic Botox Injections, which have been personally administered by Dr. Henrick. I have been very pleased with the results because the injections have definitely softened my facial lines and have noticeably improved my appearance."

E.L.M., Medical Assistant, San Juan Capistrano

"Having lived my entire life in southern California, I had quite a bit of sun damage to my skin. I became very sensitive about all my fine facial lines, especially those around my lips and mouth. My upper eyelids had also begun to droop. I underwent Upper Lid Blepharoplasty and facial Laser Skin Resurfacing at South Coast Eye Care Centers. The improvement in my appearance has been dramatic and I am thrilled with my results. My husband says I look ten years younger!"

M.H., Registered Nurse, Laguna Niguel

"After I began to notice crows feet at the outer edges of my eyelids and subtle bags forming under my eyes, I attended the monthly seminar on Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery and Laser Skin Resurfacing at South Coast Eye Care Centers. I had an opportunity to meet with other patients and to see their results. Subsequently, I had the bags removed from beneath my eyelids. The procedure was done without a skin incision. At the same time, I had Laser Skin Resurfacing of the crow's feet. It was all quick and painless and I am delighted with the results."

B.G.II., Laboratory Technician, Laguna Niguel

"As an allergy sufferer, my eyes had become quite puffy. I had upper and lower lid blepharoplasty done by Dr. Henrick at South Coast Eye Care Centers. This was combined with Laser Skin Resurfacing of my lower lids. All the puffiness is gone. With supplemental Botox injections about twice each year, the fine lines around my eyes are gone, too. I love putting on make-up again and would definitely make the same choice again."

P.F., Office Manager, San Clemente

"When I suddenly developed large cobwebs in front of the vision of my left eye, I was quite frightened. I became even more alarmed the next day when I began to experience bright flashes of light in the eye. I called my family physician, who immediately referred me to South Coast Eye Care Centers. When I told the receptionist at South Coast Eye Care about my problem, she told me that it might be urgent and she arranged to have me examined that same day. Dr. Keller found a vitreous hemorrhage in my eye and explained that when it cleared, a problem might be found in my retina. He scheduled a follow-up appointment with Dr. Brinkley, the retinal specialist at South Coast Eye Care. He discovered that although my hemorrhage had begun to clear, my retina had torn. He performed a laser treatment in the office, in order to seal the tear and prevent a detached retina. The treatment took only a few minutes and was painless. What impressed me most about my care at South Coast Eye Care Centers were the courtesy, skill, and professionalism not only of the ophthalmologists but of the entire staff as well. I was also pleased with the fact that I was never kept waiting more than a few minutes at any of my appointments. The same appeared to be true for all of their patients, even those with more routine problems."

P. D., Landscape Architect, Rancho Santa Margarita

"Since I had cataract surgery and laser capsulotomy performed by the physicians at South Coast Eye Care Centers, it's been so much easier for me to function without contact lenses. I feel much more independence. I also believe that by eliminating my contact lenses I have decreased my risk of eye infection and injury."

B.T.M., Engineer, Laguna Beach

"Now that I have had Laser Vision Correction performed by the doctors at South Coast Eye Care Centers, I have the freedom to do more things. I have lost my fear of swimming in the ocean, since I no longer worry about losing contact lenses or being unable to see well enough to be safe. I can actually see my clock when I wake up in the morning. It's a whole new world!"

M.A.S., IRS Group Manager, Mission Viejo

(Excerpt from letter): "Dear Dr. Prendiville, When I first met you, your manner showed me that you had self-confidence and this made me feel comfortable. After my first operation where you examined my eye, you said 'Per-fect!'. You have no idea how you lifted my spirits. I thank you for my wonderful sight. In my 88 years, I have learned that life is all about helping others, and you have found the right place for your talents."

L.C., Housewife

"I have a sense of new found freedom since having Laser Vision Correction at South Coast Eye Care Centers. I particularly appreciate the fact that I can do my job well without relying on glasses or contact lenses."

V.B., Building Inspector, Mission Viejo

"Several years after having had successful cataract surgery elsewhere, my vision began to blur again. I felt like I was looking through waxed paper. I consulted the physicians at South Coast Eye Care Centers, who diagnosed an opacified posterior capsule behind my lens implant. They then performed laser capsulotomy in their office. There was absolutely no discomfort and now I can see clearly again! Both the doctors and their staff were efficient, thorough, and courteous. The entire experience was very pleasant. I truly did experience 100% satisfaction."

J.O., Maintenance Technician, San Clemente

"My husband wanted me to have the best available care when I decided to have laser vision correction. As a physician himself, he was instrumental in my choice of an ophthalmologist. I have been very pleased with the result's of my laser vision correction performed by the doctors at South Coast Eye Care Centers. It is the little things I notice most, like being able to see the clock on my nightstand or being able to read a menu without my glasses. There was no discomfort during the surgery and only some minor irritation for a few days afterwards."

L.S., Housewife, Corona del Mar

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