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South Coast Eye Care Centers provide complete medical and surgical eye care, including:
Cataract & Lens Implant Surgery
  • Our Board Certified Surgeons perform state-of-the-art temporal clear corneal small incision sutureless cataract surgery on an out-patient basis.

Complete Eye Examinations

  • Includes testing for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and systemic diseases, such as diabetes.

Corneal Transplants

  • Our Board Certified & Fellowship Trained corneal surgeons utilize the latest techniques in corneal transplant surgery.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

  • Our Board Certified ophthalmic plastic surgeon performs a wide range of cosmetic eyelid procedures, including Botox and Dermal Fillers.

Diabetic Eye Care

  • Our Board Certified ophthalmologists utilize the latest in diagnostic techniques to detect diabetic eye disease.

Diseases of the Retina

  • Our Board Certified ophthalmologists provide diagnostic consultations for a variety of retinal diseases (e.g., retinitis pigmentosa), systemic diseases that involve the retina (e.g., high blood pressure), and toxicity to the retina from a variety of substances, including medications (e.g., Tamoxifen).

Glaucoma Treatment

  • Our Board Certified ophthalmologists use the latest medications, laser procedures, and surgical procedures for glaucoma.

Laser Eye Surgery

  • Our Board Certified ophthalmologists use a variety of lasers to treat many eye diseases, including opacified posterior capsule, narrow angle glaucoma, and selected cases of open angle glaucoma.

Laser Vision Correction

  • Our Board Certified refractive surgeons are experienced with PRK (No-touch laser vision correction), LASIK, and other refractive surgery techniques.

Low Vision Rehabilitation

  • Our Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist & Certified Opticians utilize an extensive collection of magnifying aids in providing visual rehabilitation for the partially sighted.

Macular Degeneration

  • Our Board Certified ophthalmologists provide the latest in diagnostic care for macular degeneration. An extensive collection of low vision aids is available in our office.


  • Our Board Certified ophthalmic surgeons use the latest microsurgical techniques to perform cataract and lens implant surgery, glaucoma surgery, and corneal transplants.

Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery

  • Our Board Certified ophthalmic plastic surgeon uses the latest techniques to reconstruct eyelids damaged by diseases such as skin cancer, deformities, or injuries.

Therapeutic Contact Lenses

  • In addition to out extensive selection of Cosmetic Contact Lenses, we offer therapeutic contact lenses for those eye and vision problems best corrected with contacts.

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